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more fashion

more creativity

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A multi sensory experience, both virtually and in

person. TPFS is a night of complete fashion and

awareness, bringing together and introducing

you to some of the hottest up and coming

fashion designers, models and creatives.

The Project Fashion Show

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The Project Fashion Show



A night of complete,
fashion and awareness.

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The Project Fashion Show is a platform for creatives within the fashion

industry, designers in particular, to present their craft to some of the top

buyers, stylists, business owners and industry elite. The event begins and

ends around networking, with a few perks and photo opportunities from

some of your favorite partners and added sponsors.

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A night of fashion, creativity and awareness.

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Partial proceeds from all ticket sales towards our “Donate A Meal” program. Donate A Meal provides hot food to those less fortunate in the downtown Houston area every Thanksgiving and Christmas morning.

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